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The time comes for every family when they need to let their children go at the first time in their life.
A créche, daycare, childcare – a first community needs to be choosen, a decision needs to be made, which will determine the development of their child in the future. We can not underestimate the emotinal burden and responsiblity of this decision. Our intention is to give support for making this decision by offering a possible choice, a way we are proud of. The decision is yours.


We are not just running a daycare, we are constantly building a philosophy. A philosophy in a sense, that we aim the physical, mental and psychical development of a healthy child, which includes care, education and appreciation of each child. According to our philosophy, life in a joyful, real childcare community with values is based on lots of daily play (inside, outside), music, sport activities (inside, outside), mother tongue and other language skill activities and enviromental awareness. Based on our advantage to be located in the green Buda hills, we are proud owner of the title: ’Friend of Birds Childcare’.
We act upon our philosophy by following our standards, plan and schedule. We do all this in the atmosphere of home, cooperation and care. 


The basement of our operation is the constant change within the permanency. We believe in frame works, standards and routine, which provide a balanced life to a child, but we also belive in the changing and colorful world of the 21th century, which demand felxibilty, constant improvement and sharing. What does it mean exactly?
Our daycare has the atmosphere of a home with small sized groups. Our little community is open for children from other countries as well. So far we had children from Japan, Germany, England, Russia, Iceland etc.
In our daycare the children live their lives upon our daily and weekly plan. Our scheduled activities include all of the basic activities of a daycare with some extra and with a little diffence. 


We offer a community, based on the traditional values, where your child will experience the principles of  living in a community, get the expected education according to his/her age, get experience and knowledge about the environment and a place where he/she can feel safe to enjoy his/her everyday discoveries.
We offer these in a way that English, sport and outside, music, creative activities, excursions, gardening, dance, chess, roller skating (at the daycare), ice skating, skiing, swimming, horse riding, salt cave (by bus), occasionally puppet show and animal show (at the daycare) are all included in our schedule.


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Enrollment for summer camp and year 2020/2021 is open!

In case of interest or inquiry please contact the manager of Happy Garden Daycare. Please find the phone numbers and e-mail address on our webpage. We will be happy to answer all your questions and show you around in our daycare. We have small groups and we have free places to welcome more children for summer camp 2020 and also for 2020/2021...
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We received a Child Friendly Institute Certificate

In the beginning of year 2020 after an audit in our childcare we received a Child Friendly Institute...
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